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Stephen Houghton M.N.F.S.H.
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Welcome to my home page

This web page is designed to give you information about Spiritual/Alchemic Healing and Etheric Surgery with Stephen Houghton, who is one of the United Kingdoms most experienced healers/energy workers.


A common question is what exactly is 9th Aspect Healing?

A short answer to that question would be that the energy Stephen works with is the 9th aspect of the Source to have entered this planet, there have been other aspects throughout our planets history.

The reason for using the term Source is that Stephen is not linked to any one religion or dogmatic teaching, he believes that healing is of a Spiritual nature but is not owned or only available through one belief system or another.

He believes at our essence we are all Spiritual beings and the energy involved in healing comes from the highest possible source.
Stephen has worked on many forms of illness and disease with some amazing results. As with any form of treatment results cannot be guaranteed, even your G.P. cannot guarantee result, any healer offering guarantees or cures on demand should in Stephens view be avoided, ethically and morally this is wrong.
People respond in different ways varying from an improvement in their condition to a full cure, rarely patients may not respond at all.
Healing sometimes gets a bad deal from the press and media in general, there are lots of scientific evidence to support healing, which for many reasons tends to get buried. It is slowly but surely is being accepted by the medical world as a beneficial treatment for many illness. 


Remember minds are like parachutes, they only function correctly when fully open.


Science is a wonderful thing when used for the exploration and understanding of unknown phenomena, when it becomes a problem is when it is used to prove the scientists own limited beliefs and theories, with no interest in exploring beyond those beliefs or theories. It then becomes a prison and leads to a closed mindset and doesnt allow for further evolution of understanding. This then becomes a state of stagnation (of mind and the evolution of mind) and sadly a percentage of the scientific community inhabit this state and do there utmost to keep everyone else in this state as well. By using ridicule and becoming ostracised from the scientific community (try getting research grants for the exploration of healing phenomena), Scientists can be bullied into following outdated and limiting ways of thinking.
In my view there is a breath of fresh air in the scientific community, in the field of Quantum research in all its forms. This will not explain everything but its the next step in understanding the true nature of the universe and all within it. And as Science evolves further so will the theories, hopefully without to much hinderance from the imprisoned few who fight to hold its evolution back with there own limited beliefs.

I remember when I was at university, talking to a professor of Philosophy of Science, a very lovely gentle, Indian man. We talked about psychic phenomena and some of the things that I had seen and done. He said to me, " I believe what you say happens, but it happens so little that its not important enough to look into." I think that sums up the attitude of some of the scientific brains who are not seekers of truth, but rather devoted to proving what they believe to be true, so that everyone else will think it is true, as well.

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Quote from a recent patients letter,

'What transpired in this healing session was truly amazing in many different levels. As Stephen laid his hands on my head I felt as though his hands were on fire, the heat that was generated was incredibly intense but also very soothing. As this healing energy was been absorbed by my body I simultaneously felt a cold energy leaving my body. Interestingly my partner, who was also at the healing session, said afterwards that he saw a smoke like substance emanating from Stephen hands, while he was healing me. Both my partner and I have been to other healers, and neither of us has experienced this phenomena before and it just reinforces my belief, as well as my partner's, that Stephen is an immensely gifted healer.
I Continue to improve day by day, the pain I previously felt is becoming less in both intensity and duration and my doctor is quite amazed that I am able to function completely now without pain relief. I really can't thank Stephen enough for what he has done as he is not only an incredibly gifted healer, but a warm and caring  person and I will definitely be visiting Stephen in the future again as he has done more for me than any doctors ever could.'